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Bearded Man Beaver Lure- 1 oz or 4 oz Bearded Man Beaver Lure- 1 oz or 4 oz

Pure Castor Blended with a Unique Food Lure
1 oz or 4 oz

Our Price: $7.50
Dunlap Lures Hell Fire Dunlap Lures Hell Fire

Dunlap's Hellfire Long Call Smear Lure is a very loud call lure that contains lots of 100% uncut skunk essence. This lure has a thick and sticky smear type base that allows it to stay put and to hold up wherever you smear it.

Our Price: $7.50
Dobbins' Lure Woodchipper Dobbins' Lure Woodchipper

This is a food-type beaver lure and is available in 1 oz. It is a favorite for the summer ADC jobs when the beaver are extremely finicky. Also, it is a great all-season lure used in food-type sets, i.e., place a few freshly peeled sticks along the waterline.

Our Price: $7.50
Dobbins' Lure Backbreaker Dobbins' Lure Backbreaker

Beaver Lure by Dobbins. Available in 1 oz. This is a heavy castor-based beaver lure. It's great for all times of the year, but works best during the late fall through spring. This lure is a staple for many pros.

Our Price: $7.50
Blackie's Boar's Delight Blackie's Boar's Delight

This lure outshines all the sweet or food-type coon lures from mid-season through winter. During mid to late season, Boar's Delight will help isolate the adult males. If prime winter coon is what you're after, keep the pressure on with Boar's Delight!
Raccoon gland lure by Blackie's Blend

Our Price: $7.50