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Leather sheath for Post 2 hand flesher Leather sheath for Post 2 hand flesher

Check out this hand made leather case for your Post two-hand flesher. The perfect addition to keep your knife just the way you bought it. Two snaps pressed into a total leather case that fits like a glove to your Post 2 hand flesher. Tons of Post knife users have been after us to offer a case for their flesher and we got it done. The case is quality, nothing cheap about it.

Our Price: $27.95
Post Mini Pelter Post Mini Pelter

Just a great skinning tool. It's small enough for muskrats, mink, and even weasels, but it'll get in there and do the big predators, too. Razor sharp from Ron Post's knife shop, and it will hold that edge a long time. Very trapper friendly, and by this I mean you don't have to go to a sharpening shop every time it needs a hone. Also comes with a leather sheath. Blade length is 2 1/4", overall length is 6 1/4".

Our Price: $56.95
Post small drop point skinner Post small drop point skinner

This drop point knife is just one fine piece of skinning equipment. I bone out quite a few deer to feed the fox, and this is the knife I like. Also, when I just want to get a beaver pelt off the carcass, this is the knife I want. All the great Post knife qualities, the great edge, smooth hard wood finished handle, and its own leather case. Definitely won't be disappointed with this knife.

Our Price: $59.00
Post Small Pelter Post Small Pelter

This is my personal preference as far as knife blade length. Same great features as the mini pelter, just a little longer blade. Same great Post knife blade and handle, and comes with a leather sheath.

Our Price: $59.95
Post Large Pelter Post Large Pelter

This is my favorite skinning knife. What a great knife, and it just feels so good in your hand. Keep that good "Post" edge off those head bones, and it just keeps on going. Such a great knife, and the price for a handmade knife, it's just pretty darn hard to beat. Comes with a handmade leather sheath. Blade length is 3 1/2", overall length is 7 1/2".

Our Price: $62.95
Post Squirrel Pelter Post Squirrel Pelter

Measures 7 3/4 inches overall length, 4 inch handle, and 3 3/4 in total blade length. The sharpened area is 1.2 inch wide running to the point and just a bit over 3 inches long. this is just an awesome knife for mink and muskrat, and really if you like a longer blade, which I'm a huge fan of, then this is your knife. 440 surgical stainless holding a great edge and will last through lots of critters.

Our Price: $62.95
Post small round nose Post small round nose

This is my beaver knife. I like to clean skin the belly and around the leg holes. Then as much of the back as I can before I switch to the small skinner and finish the job. The hardwood handle and the leather sheath all come standard.

Our Price: $64.95
Post large round nose Post large round nose

This is the big brother to our standard or small round nose. For the dye in the wool, clean skinner this is your choice. Comes with its own snap shut leather case, and the built in Post quality. The clean skinners dream.

Our Price: $69.95
Post 1 Hand Scraper Post 1 Hand Scraper

This is a very versatile tool in any fur shed. I use mine for my muskrats, on the mink beam, rolling that fat off my fox legs and bellies. After you get the pelt on the board it's great for cleaning things up, too. Don't let the size fool you. This scraper is sharp on both sides, and can do whatever you want it to do. Same "Post" quality; built for a lifetime.

Our Price: $72.95
Post large drop point skinner Post large drop point skinner

Same as the small drop point, just bigger! Also comes with a leather case.

Our Price: $77.95
Post 2 hand flesher Post 2 hand flesher

This is simply the finest fleshing tool available to the trapper today. The forehand blade is razor sharp, and just takes all the work out of fleshing while the back blade, the pushing blade, has just the right amount of sharpness so you can push the fat but yet can still flesh when needed. I just would be lost without mine, even thought about buying two just in case something might happen to my main knife. Enjoy yours for a lifetime! Outside cutting edge is 10".

Our Price: $87.95