I would like to introduce myself and our business. My name is David Graham, and I own and operate Coon Creek Trappers in Pennsylvania. Excited about our new endeavor of online trapping and bait/lure website, we have been in business now for a little over 20 years. We specialize in wildlife animal trapping, and our experience in trapping, and learning through hard work, has given us the knowledge to pass on the best tested traps. With truly tested traps and lures, we want to pass it onto you that we only sell items that we believe in.

We also handle many additional items our customers have requested for wildlife trapping. We do sell our own line of wildlife animal lures from Coon Creek Trappers. With our own fox on hand, we have the best top quality urine available.

Please give our family owned and operated business a try because we’ll “put some confidence in your head and some fur in your shed”.

Contact us for all of your wildlife trapping and lure needs, and with any questions or concerns you may have.

Thanks again and we look forward to serving you.

Dave Graham