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Victor Professional Rat trap Simple Squirrel trap A-Frame Squirrel trap
Simple Squirrel trap
Our Price: $18.95
A-Frame Squirrel trap
Our Price: $18.95
The Victor Professional Rat Trap is specifically designed for professional pest management use. Victor Pro Rat Traps are equipped with a unique setting control which allows you to use a soft or sensitive setting for normal situations or a firmer setting in situations where vibrating machinery or other manufacturing operations could prematurely set off the trap. Can be used baited or unbaited. A typical unbaited trap is placed perpendicular to a wall's surface where the rats are travelling, forcing them to pass over the triggering plate and will be captured. This trap measures 4 x 4 x 17 so it can fit in just about any place; a gutter, along an attic wall, or out in the open.  It has a small wire treddle to cross to get to the bait location, and once fired, your critter is caught for keeps.  It works good on rats, squirrels, flying squirrels, chipmunks, weasels, or that chicken coop mink.  Painted for weather resistance. This trap measures 7 x 5 x 12 1/2. It is equipped with a large bait hook in the center of the trap cage. when your critter attempts to pull bait from the hook, the double door spring system is activated, and your trap door slams shut. Very simple to set, no reaching inside, and it can all be done from the outside of trap. There is plenty of room so the animal does not feel that confined, and is eager to enter. Good for squirrels, flying squirrels, weasel, mink, rats, chipmunk, and like animals of this size.
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Metal Release Pole WCS Bear Foot Snare (Aldrich Model) Odorless Skunk Trap
Metal Release Pole
Our Price: $25.95
Odorless Skunk Trap
Our Price: $60.00
Just slam it shut, and when ready to release, hit the handy trigger at the base of the shaft and the cable will release. Pretty simple, straight forward tool. Been used for years by thousands of trappers.

3' $25.95; 4' $28.95

**an additional $5 shipping will be added to this item due to its size/shape

The Aldrich-type foot snare is used extensively by USDA-APHIS-ADC and state wildlife agency personnel to catch problem bears. This method is safe, when correctly used, and allows for the release of nontarget animals.

Made in the USA, the kit includes:

  • A spring snare thrower
  • A 48" 3/16" cable with a bear lock and solid loop end
  • A 6' 3/16" galvanized aircraft extension cable with loops at each end
  • An 8 mm, heavy duty (1,400 lb. working load limit), stainless steel swivel with "clevis style" ends for speedy change out of snares, traps, and extensions

NEW for 2017!! Now features a thumbscrew pan tension adjustment.

The "Odorless Skunk Trap" is made right here in the U.S.A. Measuring 24"L x 6" round PVC, this trap is made with a guillotine style front door that allows for flush placement against a building or deck. A slide release back door assists if releasing and when baiting. The design minimizes the likelihood that the skunk will spray. A great solution when you need to remove skunk from a property. Very easy to set, with an added bonus that it doesn't even LOOK like a trap!

**an additional $5 shipping will be added to this item due to its size/shape

WCS Wooden Rabbit Trap-double door Ketch-All Standard Ketch Poles-2 sizes WCS E-Z Catch Bird trap 17" x 17"
The all wooden rabbit trap measures 36" x 7.5" x 9" and is constructed of 3/4" pine. You could stain the exterior (ONLY) with a green stain or allow the trap to weather to give it the "aged" look. How do you improve on a single door wooden rabbit trap? Give it a second door! The Double Door WCS™ Wooden Rabbit Trap lets the rabbit see all the way through the trap so it feels more comfortable going after the bait. WCS™ Wooden Rabbit Traps are the preferred rabbit traps for professionals, specifically designed for capturing rabbits that refuse to go into a wire cage. Their simple design was "borrowed" from the Pennsylvania Game Commission, who published a document on capturing cottontail rabbits. Anyone who has tried to get a rabbit to go into a wire cage knows that it isn't that easy. Rabbits appear to be more comfortable entering a wooden box.

This trap also works for woodchucks, armadillos, and skunks. Trap comes with a 1 oz. bottle of WCS Apple Essence.

Note: If using for skunk, please call, as we will substitute a 4 oz. jar of Rosebud Skunk Bait for the Apple Essence.

**additional shipping charge of $15.00 due to shape/size

This is the industry standard on release tools. No-fail construction, easy to use, and takes a beating. Your catch will be at least 4 ft. away, and when you release it's just a simple pull on the knurled knob on the end of the pole. No way for a bump or a catch on your coat sleeve to release the cable. It stays put until you're ready. Simple to use and well made.

3' $70.00; 4' $77.00
The WCS E-Z Catch bird trap is a single-catch closing net bird trap for placing on walls, sides of buildings, railings, roof tops or even in trees. This bird trap is ideal for woodpeckers, starlings, pigeons, and other individual birds that can be baited. This trap measures 17" x 17" x 2.5". It has a metal rod framework with gentle green nylon netting for a safe, humane capture. Can be pre-baited for several days by wiring the spring-loaded door in the open position. When the birds are coming freely to the trap, simply remove the restraining wire and let the birds land on the bait filled triggering pan. The spring-loaded net will "clamshell" over the bird, harmlessly capturing it. Trap should be checked regularly to ensure a timely removal of the captured bird.

**an additional $15 shipping will be added to this item due to its size/shape
WCS E-Z Catch Bird trap 24" x 24" WCS Pro-12 Bear Foot Snare (launcher & kit) WCS E-Z Catch Bird trap 36" x 36"
The WCS E-Z Catch Bird Trap is ideal for pigeons, crows, ravens, grackles, small chickens and birds of similar size. This trap measures 24" x 24" x 2.5". This trap has a pan in the center of the trap which can be filled with seed. When a bird lands or pecks at the pan, from either direction the trap is fired. The bird is captured by a soft nylon net "clam-shelling" over the target bird. Trap can be prebaited by wiring the spring-loaded door in the open position for several days. When the birds are freely coming to the trap for the bait, simply remove the restraining wire and begin catching birds. Trap should be checked regularly to ensure the timely removal of captured birds.

**an additional $20 shipping will be added to this item due to its size/shape

WCS PRO-12 Bear Foot Snare has become the standard among bear trappers whether it be for sport or nuisance control. The PRO-12 is equipped with a 12" launcher (thrower) with specially shaped jaws to hold and propel the spring loaded cable up and onto the bears paw. The launcher has a triggering pan which is tension adjustable to avoid smaller bears and other non-targets. This pan has been "right-sized" and is 95% active, meaning a bear can step practically anywhere within the traps diameter and trigger the foot snare. Another benefit is that either the jaws or springs can be easily removed and replaced if damaged.

Note: The PRO-12 is allowable in Maine. It has passed the Lynx test.

This is the WCS™ E-Z Catch Bird Trap. Sized appropriately for capturing chickens, ducks, crows and birds of a similar size, this trap measures 36" x 36". The frame of the trap is .25" steel rod and is covered with 1" x 2" wire mesh. A soft nylon mesh netting (green) covers the top of the trap and is used to enclose the bird, once captured. There is a large pan located in the center of the trap which makes for easy baiting and operates from either direction of approach.

**an additional $40 shipping will be added to this item due to its size/shape
NB Bobcat trap WCS Large Pigeon Trap-7 panel WCS E-Z Catch Remote Fire Bird trap
NB Bobcat trap
Our Price: $169.95

The NB Bobcat & Grey Fox Trap measures 36"L x 9"W x 18"H and is constructed of 1" x 1" wire mesh which is powder-coated brown for added durability and ease of camouflaging. The NB Bobcat & Grey Fox trap has a locking guillotine-type gravity door constructed of .25 cold-rolled steel rod. Since the door closes in a straight down manner it minimizes the likelihood of obstructions preventing its closing. The combination of gravity, coupled with the powder-coating makes this an extremely fast closing and quiet trap door. There is a handle located off-center on the top of the trap for ease of level transport.

An added and unique feature of this trap is that from the moment an animal enters the door opening they are standing on the SOLID triggering pan, there is no walking on wire mesh. The triggering pan covers almost the entire floor of the trap, so refusals due to walking on wire mesh are eliminated. The pan at the interior end has approx. 2.5 - 3 lbs. of pan tension and works in a see-saw fashion. When the trap fires the animal is well inside the traps enclosure.

Made in America!

**an additional $40 shipping will be added to this item due to its size/shape

The WCS Large Pigeon trap measures 48" L x 36" W x 24" H and comes in 6 convenient, easy to carry and assemble panels. Included is an extra 7th panel to use as a divider inside the trap when removing the birds. This trap does not have a bottom panel and should be placed wither directly on a flat roof surface or on a piece of plywood. It has 4 non-stick bobbin-type doors at each end of the trap and we have found it to easily hold 46-60 pigeons at a single setting, especially if you use dowels placed through the trap's mesh to allow some of the pigeons to roost above the ground. Each of the pigeon trap panels fit together with a simple "hook and eye" feature for easy set-up and knock-down, and there is a large clean out door on one end.

**additional $35.00 shipping charge due to shape/size

The E-Z Catch Remote Fire Trap (with Remote Trap Trigger) was designed for on-site manned capture of targeted animals or birds. The trap base frame measures 36" x 36" with a net depth of approx 18”. The metal base is powder coated green in color to minimize rusting with outside use. Maximum Effective Range (M.E.R.) is typically 100' to 150' feet, although it has been successfully tested up to 200'.* Great for chickens, ducks, rabbits, even feral cats! The E-Z Catch Remote Fire Trap (with Remote Trap Trigger) was designed for on-site manned capture of targeted animals. It is best to pre-bait this trap with the spring-loaded door wired open for a period of time when the target species is birds.

* Maximum range is affected by terrain or other interference between the Trap Trigger Device and Remote Key Fob.

**an additional $50 shipping will be added to this item due to its size/shape