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Coon Creek Weasel Box Coon Creek Weasel Box

Check this item out! We made this box to be used with the Victor rat trap (sold separately). We rebuilt this box from 3/4" pine, and it has a bait area inside the box that the weasel cannot access keeping him there until caught. Same size, but better, tougher construction.

Our Price: $12.95
Simple Squirrel trap Simple Squirrel trap

This trap measures 4 x 4 x 17 so it can fit in just about any place; a gutter, along an attic wall, or out in the open.  It has a small wire treddle to cross to get to the bait location, and once fired, your critter is caught for keeps.  It works good on rats, squirrels, flying squirrels, chipmunks, weasels, or that chicken coop mink.  Painted for weather resistance.

Our Price: $18.95
WCS PRO-7.5 Standard Jaw Trap WCS PRO-7.5 Standard Jaw Trap

The WCS PRO-7.5 Standard Jaw Trap is a great foothold trap for beaver. As the name implies, the PRO 7.5 has a 7.5" jawspread when measured including the jaw thicknesses. The PRO 7.5 has four powerful coilsprings and wire levers which makes it extremely fast. It has a custom pan system with a extra heavy dog with a dimple, so when you pull the pan into position you can hear an audible "click" ! The PRO 7.5 comes baseplated with a D-ring on the bottom with 6" of #3 machine chain, and a universal swivel for ease of anchoring or attaching to a drowning wire or rod.

Our Price: $33.95
WCS Standard Tube Trap WCS Standard Tube Trap

The WCS tube trap is a very effective squirrel and mink trap. Constructed of 21 gauge steel, this tunnel shaped trap is 4.5" in diameter, 15: long, and is powered by a beefy, double torsion spring. Used either baited on non-baited, the tube trap is a natural attractant to squirrels or minks wanting to run through it or hide in it. Once the squirrel or mink reaches the pan in the middle of the trap, the double torsion spring is triggered. When a capture is made, the squirrel or mink is generally hidden from public view.

Caution: This is a lethal trap. Use special care when and where setting.

Our Price: $38.50
CCT 1022 Big Bear Body Grip CCT 1022 Big Bear Body Grip

This 1022 Big Bear Body Grip Trap measures 10"W x 22.5"L inside rivet to rivet, and weighs 8 lbs. 7 oz.. No more looking for sticks to narrow down that wide run, just plug in a 1022 Big Bear!! The trigger on this trap is also "tension adjustable" for setting in fast moving water. This trap is constructed of 7/16" cold rolled steel rod and has two powerful springs. The safeties are the wide variety so there is no slippage like conventional rod safeties.

Just for reference, your average 10" x 10" #330 has 100 square inches of "Kill" area, the 1022 Big Bear has 225 square inches of "Kill" area..........TWICE the OPPORTUNITY !!

**Due to size and weight there will be an additional $5 shipping**

Our Price: $57.50
Odorless Skunk Trap Odorless Skunk Trap

The "Odorless Skunk Trap" is made right here in the U.S.A. Measuring 24"L x 6" round PVC, this trap is made with a guillotine style front door that allows for flush placement against a building or deck. A slide release back door assists if releasing and when baiting. The design minimizes the likelihood that the skunk will spray. A great solution when you need to remove skunk from a property. Very easy to set, with an added bonus that it doesn't even LOOK like a trap! Limited availability!

**an additional $5 shipping will be added to this item due to its size/shape

Our Price: $65.00