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Duke BMI Bridger
RBG Victor Minnesota Brand
Belisle Dog Proof Tube traps, NB bobcat trap, & miscellaneous traps
We sell traps from Duke, Victor, Belisle, and Minnesota Brand. We also have dog proof raccoon traps from Duke, Wolfcreek, and Freedom. Make sure to also check out our trap supports, stabilizers, and setters.

ALL cases of traps will have an additional $10.00 shipping due to weight/size.
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CCT 1022 Big Bear Body Grip CCT 1022 Big Bear Body Grip

This 1022 Big Bear Body Grip Trap measures 10"W x 22.5"L inside rivet to rivet, and weighs 8 lbs. 7 oz.. No more looking for sticks to narrow down that wide run, just plug in a 1022 Big Bear!! The trigger on this trap is also "tension adjustable" for setting in fast moving water. This trap is constructed of 7/16" cold rolled steel rod and has two powerful springs. The safeties are the wide variety so there is no slippage like conventional rod safeties.

Just for reference, your average 10" x 10" #330 has 100 square inches of "Kill" area, the 1022 Big Bear has 225 square inches of "Kill" area..........TWICE the OPPORTUNITY !!

**Due to size and weight there will be an additional $5 shipping**

Our Price: $57.50