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Wax-1 pound Wax-1 pound

Odorless trapper wax.

1 lb. white wax=$3.50; black=$3.95

Our Price: $3.50
Logwood Powder Trap Dye Logwood Powder Trap Dye

This dye is perfect for dying traps. Directions are on the front. Available in brown or black. 1 pound package.

Brown $3.95; black $11.95

Our Price: $3.95
Black liquid trap dye Black liquid trap dye

After the price increase on crystal powder, we started looking for another way for the trapper that doesn't require dips.  We found that the crystal dye is a product of the clothing dye so they sky rocketed the price.  After contacting them, we were able to purchase the same dye, just in a liquid form, and at the same price we had been paying for years.  I've been using this myself for 2 years, and have had absolutely no problems.  It is concentrated so the 8 oz. jar will do 4-5 dozen traps.

Our Price: $8.95
Andy Stoe's Speed Dip Andy Stoe's Speed Dip

Available in brown or black. 1 quart

Our Price: $13.25
White Wax-5 pound White Wax-5 pound

Odorless trapper wax.

5 lbs.

Our Price: $16.10
Full Metal Jacket Full Metal Jacket

A clear dip that wears like iron. Odor-free after 24 hours. Works great on new, painted, dyed or un-dyed traps. One gallon dips over 60 footholds. No need to add anything.

1 gallon

Our Price: $29.95