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Coon Creek Traps, Baits, Lures and Urine
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coon creek traps, baits, lures, urines, traps

I would like to introduce myself and our business. My name is David Graham and I own and operate Coon Creek Trappers in Pennsylvania, along with my son, RJ. Excited about our new indever of online trapping and bait/lure website, we have been in business now for a little over 11 years of wildlife animal trapping.

Our experience in trapping and learning though hard work has given us the knowledge to pass on the best tested traps by Coon Creek Trappers. With truly tested traps and lures we want to pass it onto you and we only sell items we believe in.

We also handle many additional items our customers have requested for wildlife trapping. We do sell our own line of wildlife animal lure’s from Coon Creek Trappers. With our own fox on hand, we can have the best top quality urine available.

Give our family owned and run business a try, we’ll put some confidence in your head and some fur in your shed.

Thanks again and we are looking forward to serving you!!!
Please contact us with any problems and solutions needs for your wildlife trapping and lure needs.

Dave and RJ Graham
Big Coon Smear Bait - Order Now
DP Setter
DP Setter - $4.50 each
We know everybody has setters out there, but ours are different. We made our tool from square stock, and it's cold roll, that means it's tuff. Won't slip around like round setters do and it's strong and made to last.
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CC Coni Tongs
CC Coni Tongs - $33.95 each
We have taken locking coni-tongs to a new level. We laser cut a different notch to make the gripping much better and easier on/off capabilities.
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R.C. Best Family of Coni Supports
We wanted our trappers to be able to cover about any base with a removable body grip support, plus make it affordable to them. This support is so very unique, your trap can be set in the usual upright position or you can keep that trigger system down in the water where it's not going to freeze or pick up all that surface junk every night. Comes in three different sizes, simple straight forward system and rugged ready for trap line use. I think you will agree that anything that makes or keeps you versatile in trapping is a plus.
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#110 Size
#110 Size
CC Death Grip - Dispatch Tool
This has been a while putting together, but well worth it. So many advantages to this handy tool!!! First, its totally quite, yep, no noise, Not disturbing no archery hunter, no one hears you shooting here and there and for the younger trappers that can't carry a gun.... What a great dispatch tool for them!!! This thing holds any standard 160 body grip, firmly in place as your dispatch weapon and we just loved it.

As soon as you dispatch the animal the trap itself works as a great handle, you can remove the critter, toss it aside and begin set remake. No blood all over to try and remove and best of all none on the pelt. No mess all over inside the truck or catch box and when you skin it's just that much nicer. Comes standard on a 30" handle and trap line ready. No buying bullets for this tool at $10.95 each, she's ready for a season of action. Try the CC DEATH GRIP; we think you're going to like the results.
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Totally Adjustable Deep Water 330 Stabilizer
That's it, just move it where you want it. The trapper decides where the trap needs to be. Just loosen the two big wing nuts and lock them down where you want the trap. Standard Deep Water height at 50" but you can use the entire length!! Log on the bottom? Move it up. Want it on the surface, move it there. Bank hole up off the bottom, Move it up!!!
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June 19-21
Pennsylvania State Trappers Association
PTA/FTA Convention at Washington County Fairgrounds.  Inside Vendor and first showing of our new Products. Check us out!!!

July 24, 25, 26 & 27
National Trappers Association

National Convention in Escanaba Michigan. This is the big one!! Come check out our new products, we are an inside vendor.

August 8, 9 & 10
Cattaraugus County Sportsman's Association

Trapping, Fishing, Hunting and more. Inside vendor, under the grandstand. I will also be putting on a new product Demo on Saturday. Check event for schedule of that.

August 16
Rt. 66 Sporting Goods

Grand Opening Saturday. We will be doing a two hour Trapping Course from 1-3 PM . I mean we are going to cover it all. Dirt Trapping, Coon Trapping including the new DP Trap. Beaver Trapping, Mink Trapping. Also going to take a look at snaring or Cable Restraint.

August 30
PA Game Commission’s Cable Restraint Class

2nd annual at Coon Creek Trappers. Check the PGC’s web site for more info and to sign up. www.pgc.state.pa.us.