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Coon Creek Traps, Baits, Lures and Urine
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22" Trapper's Trowel with "D"
Handle Narrow or Wide
Narrow - $13.95 each
Wide Blade - $13.95 each
D-Handle Trowels, 26” Long w/handle. The standard digging blade is 2 7/8” wide and the narrow digging blade is 1 3/4” wide.
Water Trappers Trowel, $18.95
Comes standard with a D-Handle. The wide blade makes digging your pockets very easy. The long handle will keep you up out of the mud and water and also works great for helping you stay on your feet as you climb creek banks and wade those slippery creek bottoms. I know it's saved me many a time from a wet bottom. 37" from the top of the D-Handle to the point of the trowel. A great tool and an excellent gargain.
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Narrow Trowel
Wide Trowel
Standard Trowels, 22" long with a straight handle. The standard digging blade is 2 7/8” wide, the narrow digging blade is 1 3/4” inches wide.
No D-Handle. $8.95
Dirt Auger's
This 2” auger is used to put in those bait and lure hole’s in a hurry. Works in your battery screw gun and not only quick but effortless. Just push it in and pull it out. Bait-up and you are on your way to the next set, no hammering needed. $16.95 each
Long, D Handle
Water Trappers Trowel, $18.95

This tool is 36” long and comes with a wide blade just the right shape to throw in that pocket set or shave a bank at the same time keeping you dry and your back in good shape.
JC Conner’s “Jim Digger”
D-Handle Trowel,
Heavy Duty!!! All aluminum construction, knurled handles for great grip, BIG  D-Handle for lots of room to get ahold on this tool and get your set in.
3" standard blade.
JC Conner's
D-Handled Mink Digger, $35.95
CC D-Handle Replacement, $4.95
Proudly made in the USA. Heavy duty and ready for that trap line. This thing will work on any tool and can be added to any straight handle trowel. When you buy a new trowel from us it comes standard with our D-handle already installed. The first thing you are going to notice is how much more room you have in the handle area for your hand. It seems the China trappers must not wear gloves cause our handle gives you twice the area and it comes handy for gloves. No sharp knife like edges here.