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hunters beaver lure specials from coon creek trappers
With Beaver Season just ready to get into full swing for some of us, we are going to put our brand new beaver lure’s on sale. First we have” Beaver Pelter”, this is a thick oily lure with just a hint of a food source. This is a switch off lure for me and I really go to it when I’m having a problem or in an area where there is lots of competition as this is definitely not your normal beaver lure. Does it work? YES!!! Second is our castor based lure and as with most all my lures, with the exception of my gland lures, I like to take that lure to the next level and I did that with this lure also. Called “BLANKET” , this is my goto lure and besides the beaver castor I have also added a food smell and just a touch of oil. Just a great lure , works well on castor piles, baited trail sets or at a set where you just what to put a smell here or there to encourage the beaver to go past your trap, we do it all the time.

Get out and enjoy some beaver trapping. They truly are a very unique animal and can at times be quite a challenge. Still always fun to catch and just being out side. Be safe, and take a buddy if you can.
David, Coon Creek Trappers
Beaver Pelter
wide mouth bottle
SALE PRICE $4.00, 1oz.
SALE PRICE $8.50, 2oz.
The CC Weasel Box
Check this item out !!! Made from bass wood, this thing is light and ready to use for weasel trapping. We made this box to be used with the Victor Rat trap. The Victor trap will fit right down inside perfectly and ready for any weasel that enters. The back of the box has a piece of hardware mesh in front of the bait area to keep our weasel inside the box working until caught. The lid will hinge up for easy access to your catch or setting and baiting. The box can also be used with your favorite trap. Quick,easy and ready to go.