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Sleep Creek #3 Coni Tong
$10.50 each
Sleepy Creek #4 Coni Tongs
$17.95 each
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CC Coni Tongs
CC Coni Tongs - $30.95 each NEW LOW PRICE
We have taken locking coni-tongs to a new level. We laser cut a different notch to make the gripping much better and easier on/off capabilities. We removed all the outside clutter on the tool and added an internal spring to assure positive lock-up everytime. There won't be no jumping past this lock groove. The spring is under the trigger mechanism so it's totally out of the way and hidden so it's not catching on everything and ripping holes in your gauntlets. All locking nuts and bolts, this allows you to set the working tension the way you like it, and it will stay there. Rubber grips, the trigger system is zinc plated and the INTIRE TOOL COMES POWDER COATED. Ready for years of trap line use and made in U.S.A. And we have added a new Stainless Locking Spring to this tool.
STD. Setting Tongs
STD. Setting Tongs - Small-$6.95 or Large $8.95
Nothing fancy just a straight forward ,built tuff pair of setting tongs. No sharp edges and made tight to eliminate some of that handle slop. Available in two sizes, the smaller works well on 120ís, 160ís and 220ís the larger pair can also handle 220ís and 280ís and 330ís. Take your pick , large or small.