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Cast Stake Driver Heavy Duty
$10.95 each
2' STD Driver for Berkshire Stakes
$6.95 each
Cast Super Stake with 12'
of 3/32 cable
$19.95, dz.
$12.95, dz.
Heavy Duty
$16.50, dz.
Berkshire Earth Anchor
with 15"  3/32 cable
limited of 5 dz. per customer
Cast Super Stake - Head Only
$16.50, dz.
$30.00, 2 dz.
Berkshire HD Stake Head Only
$6.00, dz.  or  $45.95, 100ct.
#2/0 Twin Loop STD Trap Chain
$24.95, 100ft.
Cast Stake Head with 12"
USA Chain (welded)
Berkshire STD Disposable
Stake Head Only
$6.95, dz.  or  $32.95, 100ct.
$48.95, 100ft.
#2 Machine Chain (Import)
Perfect for 1 Ĺ coils and #11s, coon, fox, bobcat, mink, and muskrat. 100 ft.
box only
#3 Machine Chain (Import)
Perfect for #3 and #4 coils, coyotes and beaver. 100 ft. per box
$52.95, 100ft.
#2 Machine Chain (USA)
$54.95, 100ft.
#3 Machine Chain (USA)
$61.95, 100ft.
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Cast Wire Aluminum Wire Reel
Cast Wire Aluminum Wire Reel
Heavy Duty Aluminum wire reel, a real time saver for any trapper. Used by the top coon and beaver trappers across the U.S. Will hold 9,11,14 and 16 ga. wire spools
$18.95 ea.
9 ga. Wire
This is the heaviest wire we handle. Lots of my customers like this on the beaver line. He will definitely be there waiting on you. And after all you go through thatís pretty much the idea to have your catch there when you get there. 9 ga does that for you.
Approx. 180ft. per 10 lb. roll.

$6.95 ea. roll
11 ga. Wire
Pretty much the norm for the beaver trapper. Plenty heavy for a drowning set and by far my best seller in beaver season. This is also my choice for a support wire for my cable restraints. Stiff yes, but it holds that cable in place under all conditions and keeps it there till it fires correctly. Thatís a big deal when you get a fox, coyote or cat to go through your set. 11 ga. Does that for you. Approx. 200 ft.

$5.95 ea. roll
14 ga. Wire
This is the everyday work horse for the trapper. Used exclusively on the coon and mink line. I use it lots of times to secure my DP type traps but I usually double it, there just too expensive. Lots of uses can also be used snaring for support wireís both cable restraint and your beaver snares. Works well. Approx. 400ft.per roll.

$5.50 ea. roll
16 ga. Wire
Muskrat and mink trappers use this wire. Also works great for around the fur shed and during trap prep season. Lots of uses and easy to work with. Approx. 550ft. per roll.

$5.50 ea. roll
Berkshire Disposable Stake Driver
3/8s cold roll steel with a handy handle to retrieve and a welded on nut to hammer on. All put on with a puddle -weld to keep you and your driver going. Works on any style Berkshire stake.

$6.95 each
Cast Stake Driver
A heavy duty Ĺ inch driver used on the cast stakes. Built to last on any trap line

$10.95 each
Berkshire Disposable Stake Driver
T-Bar Stakes  20" With 4" T-top
T-Bar Stakes  20" With 4" T-top
This is the perfect water trapping tool. The T-top works great for stepping into the mud too!

$10.95 1/2 doz.
$18.95 doz.
18" Rebar Stakes
These are available in 1/2' only and come with a 5/8' inch nut welded on the top. We use a puddle weld on our nuts and they are burnt in . Nothing coming loose here. Stoney conditions or double staking these things will fill the bill. also come in handy to secure your drowning  wire when beaver trapping.

$2.95 each
$22.95 doz.
Wolf Fang Stakes
3" Long X 1¼" wide. Constructed with 1/8" material.
Ausable Brand Stakes
3½ " long X 1½" wide. constructed with 1/8" material.
Stake Driver
Head with cable attached
Heavy Duty Driver that fits both style stake heads. 24" Long and a big nut welded on top to drive on. Also the head is replaceable, just purchase the weld-on replacement. 14.95 Each.