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Dexter Beaver Knife
Victorinox Serrated Pelter *
* This is a great inexpensive knife. I use it around the head, ears, eye's, keep my main Post Knife in great shape.
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Dexter Sharpening Steel, $31.95
At 12” this is the steel we use and just does a great job. You can also touch up a serrated edge. Just works great for putting a like new edge back on your Post 2-Hand Flesher. Just a few swipes on the cutting edge and your flesher is ready for another pile of pelts. Will sharpen any edge.
Post Small Beaver Skinner, $54.00
This drop point knife is just one fine piece of skinning equipment. I bone out quite a few deer to feed the fox and this is the knife I like, also, when I just want to get a beaver pelt off the carcass this is the knife I want. All the great Post knife qualities , the great edge, smooth hard wood finished handle and its own leather case. Definitely won’t be disappointed with this knife.
Dexter Orange Skinning Knife, 12.95 each
blade length- 3 3/4' total length 9"
The Dexter Orange skinning knife is just another in a fine line of knives for the trapper by Dexter. This knife's slim blade will assist you in not only your opening cut but in all those hard to get to spots and shines around the head, mouth, eyes and ears. easy to resharpen when you need to. feels great in the hand and is a great add to the fur shed. try one out this year, it will be around a long time.
Wiebe Zipper, $7.95
THIS IS YOUR TOP OF THE LINE TAIL ZIPPER. insert the blade at the top or base of the tail and with steady pressure slit that tail clean to the tip. replaceable blades. this knife also is the perfect tool for me to make my opening cuts and is the go-to knife for the opening belly cut for beaver. just saying this knife can be used for way more than slitting a skinned tail open.