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JC Connerís
Texas Tea Cup Sifter
$32.95 each
Very unique design. You can use it like any other sifter or you can scoop your dirt, light weight and has a great handle on the side for sifting. All aluminum construction.
JC Conner Dirt Buster Sifter
$32.95 each
This is your standard size and shape sifter but the standard stops there. Being light weight and also has a slide out floor so the dirt doesn't fall though till removed.
All aluminum construction.
Pro Metal Sifter
Diamond Wire Mesh

Pro Metal Sifter/Diamond Wire Mesh, This is the standard wire sifter for your strap line. It has a fine wire mesh and metal wall. Will take a pounding, works well for fine dirt or sandy conditions. This sifter will also grade well if you like to blend those sets in when your done.
$8.95 each
JC Conner’s  Texas Tea Cup Sifter
Coon Creek Trappers
"U" Last Sifter
$14.95 each
Here is our all new metal sifter. Heavy-duty design and an expanded metal bottom. This sifter, 2¾" deep, can be used with or without the floor plate in. We made the floor plate out of aluminum to cut down on weight. The expanded metal bottom is just the right size to make your set as natural as possible not a garden scape. Also works great for blending in those post sets and clogging up with junk. Check it out you will see the quality and ready for trapline tuff conditions. The only thing the $32.00 sifters has over on ours.....well that's just it ours is $14.95. Yes, less than half the price.