DP Setter - $4.50 each
We know everybody has setters out there, but ours are different. We made our tool from square stock, and it's cold roll, that means it's tuff. Won't slip around like round setters do and it's strong and made to last. We cut the grooves in the end so this setter will lock up and stay there till you get a chance to get the trap set. We tried all the round setters and square stock material simply work better, sometimes it's the little things that make a day go better. Give our setting tool a try, you will quickly see the difference.
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DP Setter
DP Setter
Compact Conibear Setter
- $5.95 each
This little tool is great for the budget and also for the trapper that is going way back in the where weight is an issue. Also as an extra if your main tool is lost, why not have one of these available to you as a backup? Sure beats another trip back in to reset or a night with no trap set till you can get in there and reset. Light weight, quick, easy and locks up so you can get your safety on.
The MAINE TRAP SETTERS, $19.95 pair
This pair of handles that actually store inside each other is the slickest little secret in trapping. They have been around a while but still I will guarantee you a "WHAT'S THAT" if you pull it out around your trapping buddies, convention or wherever. This thing allows you to pull the spring levers down around while you hold the handles in one hand you can set the trap with the other , all while you stand up out of the mud, the water, the snow, or what ever. Works on most any trap and comes zinc platted so your not looking at a pile of rust at the end of the season.
Coil Spring Trap Setters, $10.95 pair
THIS IS ANOTHER GREAT TOOL IN OUR LINE OF SETTERS. There are two different size slots in these setters to handle coils from 1 1/2 all the way up to those big #3 and #4 coils. gives the user an extension on the levers to either use your hands or works great with your shoes or boot. giving you plenty of room to keep those levers down and get it set. Better safe and no injury at the same time making a job much easier. Try these safe , time saving setters.