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This handy snare support will get you up and running in absolutely unbelievable time!! The #11 gauge wire is welded fast to 1/4” round stock. All you do is take your foot and step it into the ground. That’s it. All that’s left above the ground is about 10” of the 1/4” stock material that so looks like another small limb. You have about 30” of 11 gauge wire to make your set from,on the fox/coyote model, and about 20” of wire on the Raccoon model. So simple,so fast, just step your support wire in and the set is ready to hang.

$2.95 ea.  or $25.95 a dz. for the Fox/Coyote model support snare
$1.95 ea.  or $20.95 a dz. for the Raccoon model support snare
Raccoon Model Quick Set Snare Support
Raccoon Model Quick Set Snare Support