Quick Connects
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Large - $4.50 dz. or $23.95 100 pk.
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Quick Connects
We have these handy little connectors in 2 popular sizes. This first is the standard size and is perfect for the mink/coon/muskrat line. Use this connector to wrap around about anything with no tools. Connects two cables, two chains, a drag, drag and chain to your main chain. Snare to an extension cable. Chain to a tie plate, use anywhere you want to connect.
We have tried to show just some of the uses of this little connecter but there are hundreds of ways it can be used. check out the pictures and use your imagination because this thing can even be a base plate for the mink, coon, and fox line.
I never crimp this thing shut. have yet to have a problem. we have customers that do crimp them down and if you feel better do it but for my use I just feed it on and that's it. so many things would have to happen perfectly for this to come undone. CCT.