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Patty Paper Pan Covers, 5x5½ *
$7.95 each, 1000pk.
This is the pan cover I am currently using. A waxed paper type pan cover, take 15-20 at a time and cut them to fit what ever size trap you use. Scent free and very economical. At 1000 papers per pack they go a LONG way.
Fiberglass Mesh, sealed in plastic and come 24 per package. These are precut and also have a slot cut for the trap dog. Four sizes to choose from and ready for the trapline.
Fiberglass Trap Pan Cover
#157 - Fits 1½ Style Traps   $2.95, 24pk.
Fiberglass Trap Pan Cover
#175 - Fits 1¾ and #2 Size Traps $2.95 each, 24pk.
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