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16” Basket, $37.95
The perfect Pack for your son or daughter. Hardwood and made to last. Not something that’s going to fall apart and give them trouble. A quality basket ready for trapline everyday use. Adjustable straps fit most.
18" Pack Basket, $46.95
This hardwood basket is just perfect for the school boy trapper or the hard runner that doesn’t go far from the truck or carry a bunch of tools. Hardwood and ready for that everyday trapline use. Adjustable straps made to fit.
20" Pack Basket, $49.95
Ready for the trapline and plenty of room for whatever you plan on taking on your line. All hardwood and sturdy bottom for years of use. Adjustable straps and a handle to carry.
22" Pack Basket, $51.95
Getting into the larger baskets here, lots of room for your tools and your catch. Just the perfect basket for the guy that does the trapline on foot or does some walking from the vehicle. Adjustable straps and a handle to carry.
24” Basket, $53.95
This is the largest in our line of chipiwa baskets. Lots of room in this basket. Hardwood weaving and floor its ready for the trapline. Tools the catch, whatever strap it on and go. Adjustable straps and a handle to carry.
Beaver Pro 22” Basket, $62.95
This basket was made with the beaver trapper in mind. The big 330’s will fit right down in this big basket and lots of room for your other equipment. Sturdy, hardwood and ready for years of trapline use. Adjustable straps and a carry handle.
This is a tough durable hardwood basket built to last.
Fiber-Tuf Pack Basket
Fiber-Tuf Basket
w/ Lure Compartment, $74.95
Fiber-Tuf Pack Basket
Loring Original Pack Basket
Loring Pack Baskets are made of a synthetic material that you can be confident knowing that your pack basket will never rot, mildew, stain, retain odor, or crack.
22" Basket in Green & Black or Black $124.95
Loring Original Pack Basket
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Leggett’s Trapper’s Bag with Lure Pouch
A great addition to any line. These bags hold up to years on the
trap line. When the bag is set down the sides stand straight up and everything can be seen inside the bag. Also has a wood floor to give it even more support. Two pouch’s on either side of the bag that snap shut. Also so has a handy lure pouch along one side with a flap over then. Just a great trapper’s bag.
Replacement Pack Basket Harness
Replacement Pack Basket Harness
This is the replacement harness for our CHIPPIWA BASKETS. Will work on any model 18" inches and up.