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Leggett's Trappers Bag $38.95
What a great tool for the trapper. This bag will last for years and it holds everything you need to get your sets in quick. When this bag is placed on the ground it automatically goes into a stand up, wide open position so you can easily see and pick out anything you need. Also comes with handy pouches on either end and 1oz. Stretch lure compartment flap on the side of the bag.

*Coon Creek Note: This is the bag RJ and I both use and we have tried everything out there. I use 2, my main set bag and my remake bag. One thing I have done is connect the inside board that comes standard with the bag to an exact duplicate that I made to the bottom of this outside of the bag. This way nothing can get under the board on the inside of my bag.

A great trapper bag and takes the pounding of the trap line.
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Leggett's Trappers Bag
Leggett's Trappers Helper
This handy forked tool is nice for dispatching fox. Also has a hook on the one fork that I have found handy in water trapping to grab objects deep in the water. Comes on a wood handle and truly is a great "Trappers Helper."
Leggett's Trappers Helper