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The Ground Hog Tool
3-1 Tool
$19.95 each
This tool has been used by trappers everywhere for years. Countless sets have been out in by the great strapper's tool. Comes with a hammer and cutting edge on the head of the tool and the upper part is a great shovel/trowel and when used in this manner the hammer and cutting blade make a great t-handle. This tool also can be used as a dirt hole punch. Simply pound the shovel part in at your hole location and then twist the head, pull and remove. Tool length is about 19"
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Trappers Hammer
Trappers Hammer
$12.95 each
This is a 2 lb. hammer for all your trapping needs. Comes with a digging wedge welded to the off hammer side. All fiberglass handle and a brilliant red color so you don't forget it at the set location. This tool works well in dirt trapping or along the water line and is great for the trapper that does a lot of walking or packing where every pound is critical .
Sod-Buster Trap line Hammer
$21.95 each
We have finally located a set hammer that we feel is an excellent tool. They are not easy to find unless you want junk. Lots of hammers out there that sell for less than this one but this one is not going to fall off the handle at your second set. We welded a 1/4 inch Cold roll steel blade on it with a good cutting edge also. This hammer says 3. lb. and that's what it is, seen other 3 lb hammers that felt like 5 in my hand, I just don't like that heavy of a hammer not to mention you have to carry it everywhere and trappers watch weight pretty dang close. This thing will make you an excellent trappers hammer.