Coon Creek Trappers
301 Frills Corners Drive
Tionesta, PA 16353
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5-9pm Mon-Fri.
8-5 Sat.
P: 814-560-3073
C: 814-670-9967
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Coon Creek Traps, Baits, Lures and Urine
Fur Handling Preparation
12" Black Rubber
Fox Glove (super Flex)
$4.50 pair
Black Fox with Knit Wrist
$4.50 pair
12’ Black Rubber Glove, The “Super Flex” fox glove is just that, a great rubber glove for the trapper who want the the most in scent control. Also has many other uses around the fur shed and a great price!!
Black Fox/Knit Wrist- The same great feel as the Super Flex but has the knit wrist. Little tighter feel and keeps it from riding up your jacket.
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