Fur Handling Preparation: Gloves and Gauntlets
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Fur Handling Preparation
Bead Palm Cotton Gloves
This is a cotton glove with rubber dots all over the glove. This also the glove I use for my dirt trapping. I like the feel I get with the cotton glove and the dots give me the grip I need. I wash mine in baking soda before season and let them hang out to air dry. Buy extra, so you can change them out when a pair gets soiled. Rewash and reuse, been using he same gloves for years.
$2.95 per pair
$19.95 per dozen
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Bemac Insulated Gauntlet
A great all around gauntlet. Can be used early in the season or late, hold up well.

Also has an elastic strap connecting the two gloves so you can hang them over your neck between sets.
$26.95 per pair
Bemac Insulated Gauntlet
Polar-Paw Gauntlet
Polar-Paw Gauntlet
This is a heavy insulated glove that also has a thicker coating put on the hand part of the glove. A choice by many a cold water trapper.

The gloves also have a strap to connect the two so you can hang over your neck between sets.
$31.95 per pair