Fur Handling Preparation: Gambrel
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Skinning Gambrel
$10.95 each
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Bricker 100 - Skinning Gambrel
Bricker 100 - Skinning Gambrel    $14.95 each
This is our brand new Skinning Gambrel and we have taken it to a new level once again. This is so simple to load and unload. One handed just like it needs to be. One hand on the critter and just slip it into the new Bricker 100. Handles about any critter and shines on Coon, Fox Coyotes, and OTTERS, yes it takes otter and no problems. Heavy duty all connections welded and a great powder coat job to keep the Bricker 100 looking good for a lifetime.
CC Quick Gambrel
CC Quick Gambrel    $14.95 each
This gambrel has been in use in our furshed for years. Its quick, heavy duty, loads simple with nothing to attach. Hooks in the center and simply load the animals legs into the V slots and go for it! Made to last a lifetime right here in the USA.