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High quality fleshing knives.
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Coon Creek Traps, Baits, Lures and Urine
Fur Handling Preparation
Necker #600, $62.95
Fur Brush
$5.95 each
STD Fur Comb
$8.95 each
Stone Mtg. Fur Comb
$15.95 each
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Fur Hangers
10" Standard 2-hand Fleshing Knife, $14.95 each
This is a great entry level knife also perfect learning tool for the young trapper. don't get me wrong here, this thing has thousands of coon to its credit. there was a time when this was "the fleshing knife". so don't get the idea that this knife won't do what it says. this thing will flat out flesh coon. just be ready for good workout. let the fire in the fur shed burn down before you dig this baby out.
12" Standard 2-hand Fleshing Knife, $16.95 each
This 12" knife is much bigger than the 10" knife. comes with composite round handles and a wider blade than its 10" cousin. ready for fleshing with a good edge and lots of pushing power. top of the line.........no, but at 16.95 you get plenty of bang for your buck. great all around knife.