Fleshing Beams
Fleshing Beams make pelt preparation a much easier task and will last a lifetime.  These #1 quality,  heavy duty hardwood fleshing beams are tapered and sanded smooth, tapered to a point. Works well with two handled fleshing knives. For raccoon, beaver, coyote, otter, badger, etc. Grade "A" Quality
6x60", $31.95
6x48", $23.95
8x48", $27.50
8x60", $33.95
Table Top Mounted
Mink and Muskrat Fleshing System
$29.95 each
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NOTE - These are all hardwood ash beams. Lots of people think they are oak.
They have that grain and hardwood look. A great all around beam
Made here at Coon Creek these are solid oak beams and also a finished put on to seal them up. Hand sanded and ready for years of fleshing. The bracket is made to be bolted down to your table so it can be removed when not in use or out of the way till season comes in, Brass screws hold the mink board on so rust is not a problem. American made with pride.
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6x48 Hardwood
Fleshing Beam
6x60 Hardwood
Fleshing Beam
8x48 Hardwood
Fleshing Beam
8x60 Hardwood
Fleshing Beam