Fish Oil / Trout Oil
Trout Oil
Our Trout oil is made the old fashioned way. Set out in the sun and wait for the good stuff to come to the top. A rich, thick, dark oil that is great for lure making or mixing with any of your favorite smells for a fabulous trailing scent.
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Fur Handling Preparation
4oz. $6.95
16oz. $8.95
1 Gal. $54.95
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Salmon Oil
High quality clear oil imported straight from Alaska. This has a great strong odor of fresh caught salmon. Makes a great trailing scent and salmon oil is the most freeze proof of all fish type oils.
16oz. $7.95
1 Gal. $29.95
16oz. $6.50
1 Gal. $24.95
Fish Oil
Pressed fish oil. Low fat content. Resist gelling in cold temperatures. Thick golden color. Great to mix with your favorite smell and a fabulous lure base.