Duke Traps - Body Gripper's
Body Grippers traps for all sizes of muskrat, mink, raccoon, fisher, bobcat, otter and beaver wildlife trapping with regular and mag designs.
Reg 110's
(muskrat, mink)
$4.30 each
$42.95 case of 12
$4.75 each
$47.95 case of 12
Mag 110's
(muskrat, mink)
Reg 160's
(raccoon, fisher)
$7.20 each
$73.95 case of 12
Reg 220's
(bobcat, otter, raccoon)
$9.50 each
$92.95 case of 12
$15.95 each
$84.95 case of 6

$159.95 case of 12
Reg 330's
(beaver, otter)
$17.00 each
$164.00 case of 12
Mag 330's
(beaver, otter)
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$6.50 each
$69.95 case of 12
Reg 155's, 5x5
(muskrat, mink, coon)