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The 1/4" Fox Grapple, $14.95 dz.
This is your standard fox grape and not only does it do a great job on fox it is almost irreplaceable on the Raccoon/Mink/Muskrat lines. I just use the hec out of these things. With most our creeks being a stone bottom we just chuck it out in the middle of the creek and let it do what it does. They are not going far. I just caution you to make sure you use atleast 7-8 foot of chain and if you are dealing with a lot of grapple and chain you are going to need machine chain. Only a backlash on a bait caster is worse than a pile of chain and 2/0 twin loop trap chain all tangled together.
The 3/8" Coyote Grapple, $21.95 dz.
The 3/8’s Coyote Grapple, no yote’ is going far with this thing attached to his trap. Heavy duty and at the same time something you can get buried under your set if the need is there to do that.