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Fur Handling Preparation
1oz. Glass Bottle
$5.00 each

ďWhen you are ready to get seriousĒ
Our lures are all made/aged and bottled by hand right here at Coon Creek. Didnít go out and buy somebodyís old formula or have lure made and shipped in. In todayís world that would be the easy way,making your own lures bottling and labeling is not an easy job. Do the entire gland collecting, cutting and handling here at the shop.You just donít find that kind of thing in todayís industry. Try buying some lure ingredients and you will soon find one supplierís idea of a lure ingredient is totally different than another. Give our lureís a try and you will soon find out how attention to detail and using the right glands put up the way I want them and powerful attractors ,not water down diluted junk,Ē can put some fur in your shed and some confidence in your headĒ. After all isnít that what we all want for our money.
1oz. Lure Droppers
$1.00, 3pk.
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Coon Creek Brand Lures
$9.00 each
2oz. Wide Mouth Bottle

This is a thick,sweet lure / bait that I developed to fill a need for wanting to use both at the same set. Itís been good for me and I still use it with Red Fox Pelter for great catches. FOX, RED AND GREY, COYOTE, COON.
This is my fish based lure, heavy oily, works well in wet conditions and we like to use it when working the water for coon. The two coon lures work well together so you donít have the same smell at every set.
Little Coon Bait from Coon Creek Trappers
This is my late season lure and also my go to coyote lure. Still using fox glands but they are aged longer and a little stronger smelling. Good all season also but its great latter on when the temps are dropping below freezing, winter/late fall. Touch of skunk here also.
This is our Red Fox Gland lure. Thick/pasty and my own glands nothing but wild Pa. Red fox glands here. Super foxy smell and just a touch of curiosity. Good all season. REDFOX/GREYFOX/COYOTE/BOBCAT
What a great selling lure for me and what a great producer it has become. Sold out of this last season and I had made way more than I thought would be needed. Just super on fox/coyote and its also our bobcat lure. Fresh cut glands and a food base, it just shines all season.
This is a thick territorial based lure that is thick and very heavy oil type lure that just infuriates a beaver. Just a cap full is needed at the set.
Comes in a regular wide mouth one ounce bottle for $5.00 or the Pro Model super wide mouth 2 oz. bottle for 8.95. This is a thick heavy castor based lure. We have also added just the right amount of our favorite food smells and a little beaver oil to top it off. Its all here in this super fine beaver taker. Beaver Lureís have been put up in a myriad of ways and smells and we tried to keep it simple and straight forward with this lure. Itís the smell all beaver follow, itís the smell all beaver want during that mating season, itís the smell that the old blankets beaverís donít want around and will flat out try to eliminate it. Works great under all weather conditions and stays good year after year. I like just a bit on a stick or a small dab on top of a castor pile. Try touching some to the water surface after you complete your set, they will follow that lure slick right to the source.
100% Pure Quill
$35.95 per oz.
This is the most powerful available, right from the source. Yes, right from the skunkís glands. Put up in amber bottleís and sealed in wax. Uncut, unstrained, the real thing.
Big Coon Bait from Coon Creek Trappers
hole digger from coon creek trappers
This is our main coon lure, thick and sweet, heavy oily base. Holds up well and there just isnít a
Raccoon that can walk by a heavy sweet smelling lure like this. Put a cap full beyond your set or trap, on some sheepís wool at the back of your pocket, on a marshmallow at the bottom of your favorite DP style coon trap. Many different ways to use but the great thing is it works however you choose to use it.
Mix/Match 1oz. - 4pk. $17.00
4oz. Glass Bottle
$17.00 each
$5.00 each
1oz. Bottle
$9.00 each
2oz. Wide Mouth Bottle
SKUNK ESSENCE 100% Pure Quill from coon creek trappers
$5.00, 1oz. 2oz. $8.95