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CC DEATH GRIP- DISPATCH TOOL - $ 14.95 Each / 2 tools - $ 26.00
This is the new generation " CC DEATH GRIP" Dispatch tool. We totally retooled the Death Grip and it now can accept any style and any size body grip. Not only does this thing shine on the raccoon trap line but we had lots of customers wanting to do K-9's and Beaver with our tool. So we re-modified and came back with a stronger more stable dispatch tool. The front or head of the tool is all one piece heavy duty and trap line tough. Comes on a 30" hardwood handle , and painted so your not looking at a pile of rust. This is great for dispatching in town's on ADC work, its super for trap conditions around any buildings, super for our young trappers as no gun is needed to dispatch. Also this is just a great way to dispatch anytime as you have no blood to mess with. I like to dispatch, remove the critter from the trap and start my remake immediately , as you finish up the set you can pick up your catch and be on your way. Price wise, cant be beat at 14.95 each.