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330/280 Bulls Eye Triggers - Stainless
Bullseye Triggers for 330/280 sized bodygrip traps. These triggers are made of heavy duty stainless wire (.104) and come complete with the hardware to replace your stock trigger. This "circle" trigger has a diameter of 6.5", however can be sized to your liking opening or closing the circle. These wires will not rust, and will withstand years of use without breaking.
Single: $3.00
Dozen: $27.00
330/280 Bulls Eye Triggers - Stainless
330 Adirondax Terminator Replacement Trigger. This all stainless replacement trigger is the last trigger you will put on. Heavy Duty and all stainless including the hardware. Pretty simple, if you are going to replace your trigger why not use stainless, no more rust, busting triggers, ready for the whole season not just a part of it.
Single: $2.80
Dozen: $23.50
Standard Deepwater 330
Body Trap Support

This stand is pretty straight forward easy to use and does the job its meant to do. Myself when I go into a new beaver flow for the first time and am going to pack a 330, I'm going to bring this stand over any other for the reason it can go anywhere, deep or shallow, on a trail whatever. Super versatile and our stand unlike any other on the market comes with an attached TOP LATCH SYSTEM, yes no more wiring or looking for something to hold that top together. Just clip it on and away you go.
48 " in length     
Single: 7.95
½ Dozen: $ 42.95   
Dozen: $ 79.95