Body Grip Support
#110                $24.00 dz.      $15.00 ½ dz.    $2.75 each
#160/220       $36.00 dz.      $21.00 ½ dz.    $3.95 each
#330                $48.00 dz.      $27.00 ½ dz.    $4.95 each
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#110 Size
#110 Size
When we were looking for a body grip support to handle and put on our website we were way set back by the array of supports available. With that said, we wanted our trappers to be able to cover about any base with a removable body grip support, plus make it affordable to them. This support is so very unique, your trap can be set in the usual upright position or you can keep that trigger system down in the water where it's not going to freeze or pick up all that surface junk every night. Comes in three different sizes, simple straight forward system and rugged ready for trap line use. I think you will agree that anything that makes or keeps you versatile in trapping is a plus.
R.C. Best Family of Coni Supports