Lenon's Lures
Lenon's lures have been on the market every year since 1924. Amateur and expert trappers have achieved outstanding catches throughout North America with Lenon's. These lures have with stood the test of time. By far we have had more phone calls and online request's for this lure than any other lure out there hands down. This is not a lure we just decided to handle because they spend more on advertising than the next guy. There are TOO many of those lures out there already. You will never see 15-20 different brands of want to be lures here at Coon Creek Trappers. We sell lures that will work for our customers, that's it.

These are thick, paste type lures that stay in the bottle till you use it at the set. Put up in wide mouth glass bottles to make application at the set easier. Also a label with directions of use on each bottle.
Give these a try with confidence, quite simple, They work.

Available in 1 ounce $5.50 ea. or 4 ounce $ 17.00
Notice this is the only lure besides our own Coon Creek Brands that we handle in 4 ounce bottle also, There is a good reason for that, yes they work.
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Lenon's Lures

Mink Super All Call
A thick, paste multiple ingredient lure. This mink favorite includes the minks favorite fresh baits blended with secret ingredients.

Lenon's Weasel Super All Call, Weasel lure/scent
This is a formula of fresh blood weasel gland and sent along with some secret ingredients.

Lenon's Raccoon Super All Call
We guarantee no Raccoon will pass up this premium Raccoon lure/scent. A thick blend of raccoons favorite food and a sweet smelling musk. Powerful essential oils will bring them on the run.

Lenon's Muskrat Super All Call
This is the Muskrat lure others are judged against. The real trump card of the lenon lures. Probably one of if not the best Muskrat lure ever made available. Intensely sweet and some oils used by no other lure maker keeps this lure above all others. We will also add that this works really well on raccoon also.

Lenon's Fox Nature Scent
A premium of fox glands and female secretions are mixed into a very effective lure. Works well on reds and greys.

Lenon's Coyote Nature Call Lure, Coyote Lure/Scent
This is a top notch Coyote lure. A liquefied blend of coyote gland and female coyote secretions. Natural passion and curiosity agents are added to keep that coyote around till caught.

Lenon's Bobcat Nature Call Lure
A popular blend of urine and gland with just a touch of catnip that calls and drives Cats crazy.

Lenon's Super Range All Call
This lure I can tell you from my own use, its a great beaver lure. Use as your number one lure or as a switch up to your favorite but make sure you have one with you cause its a beaver magnet. Thick and pasty it stays where you put it and keeps on working. Don't matter what type set this lure shines any way you choose to use it. The lure that started it all in 1924. Just think of the beaver its called in. Really quite a lure, give it a try.

This is a new line of lures I picked up. They will go in with the other lures you already have up. thanks
Lennon's Lures