Adjustable Deep Water Stabilizer
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Totally Adjustable Deep Water 330 Stabilizer
That's it, just move it where you want it. The trapper decides where the trap needs to be. Just loosen the two big wing nuts and lock them down where you want the trap. Standard Deep Water height at 50" but you can use the entire length!! Log on the bottom? Move it up. Want it on the surface, move it there. Bank hole up off the bottom, Move it up!!!

Those otter cross-overs are no longer an issue, just move it where you need it. Fluctuating water drive you crazy ?? It did me, not no more, just loosen the big wing nuts and move that trap where you want it!!!
110-120 Deep Run Body Trap Support
$2.95 ea.  $12.95 for six   $ 21.95 Doz.
110-120 Deep Run Body Trap Support
This little tool will place that trap right where you need it, just load on your trap , grab by the handle and push it down into the run. I like to put the trap ring or chain through one of the legs so it also acts as a stake. Works with most body traps.